At the heart of Bonitis is a passion for transparency, honesty and simple goodness.

We are devoted to providing Organic CBD oil products from the highest quality hemp, grown organically and locally, in Colorado.

Produced in a facility certified by the US Hemp Authority, Colorado Department of Health and the Denver Department of Health, quality is guaranteed through rigorous testing from the ground up.

All of our products are seed to bottle, which means there is total control of the entire process from the superior hemp genetics planted into the soil, to the organic farming practices during harvesting.

Our products use a sub zero extraction method to ensure consistency of quality while
maintaining the natural benefits of the plant in it’s natural form.

All Bonitis products are 3rd party tested for CBD potency and guaranteed to deliver 100% or more of the labeled amount.

In November of 2019, @Leafly.com tested 47 CBD products currently in the market for potency. How many products actually deliver what they say? More importantly as a consumer, are you getting what you paid for?

The results were astonishing! ONLY 12 out of 47 products tested delivered 100% or more of the labeled CBD amount.

This means that 75% of CBD products currently being sold in the market do not deliver 100% of their CBD potency claim!


Anytime you purchase a Bonitis organic CBD oil product online, you can have peace of mind that you will get exactly what you paid for – 100% or more of the labeled CBD oil amount.

This is an (Honest) 100% money-back guarantee.

All Bonitis products are 3rd party tested for potency and made in a US Hemp Authority certified facility.


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