Buyer Beware – 50% of CBD products tested don’t deliver !

Buyer Beware – 50% of CBD products tested don’t deliver !

Are you getting the what are you paid for?

CBD has received a lot of excitement recently, with good reason, CBD offers lots of health benefits and very little side effects. The newly legal cannabinoid will create a new environment for CBD companies to thrive. But, so will scammers and fraudsters. With hundreds of new companies and thousands of products out on the market, how can you distinguish honest quality from false claims?

According to Leafly, only 51% of 47 brands that were tested came within 20% of the labeled dosage. Astonishingly, 11% detected no CBD at all, while 23% delivered less than 80% of the advertised dosage. Only 15% of the 47 brands tested delivered more CBD than advertised.

Bonitis is part of that 15% of brands that over deliver. Our 25mg bottles consistently register between 27-29mg and the 50mg deliver between 55-57mg.

We over deliver on our promise.

What is a COA, Certificate of Analysis?

It is scary to think that you can purchase a product and not actually receive what is written on the label. A COA is a document that shows how a product performed when checking for CBD and THC levels, and the presence of contaminants. All our products are tested by an independent 3 rd party lab and not tested within our own facility or company. This ensures highest quality and delivers on our promise of 100% potency, transparency and traceability.

Bonitis products are tested by Botanacor. You can visit their website for more information.

Are you worried about the purchasing one of our hemp derived products? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below or you can contact us directly at

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