” .. (I’m) curious as to what Bonitis means?”

” .. (I’m) curious as to what Bonitis means?”

“Great question!

Bonitis was named from the root word “Bonita” which in Latin means:
goodness, kindness, honesty, justice and good quality. As you know,
there is still alot of confusion in the market surrounding CBD products.
On one hand, we have a clear consumer shift in demand seeking natural
alternatives to OTC drugs and medication.

But in a highly unregulated market, not all businesses are honest. It’s
astonishing that approx. 1/3 of CBD products either don’t contain CBD at
all or don’t meet the potency claims they are making. There are vape
products on the market putting teens in the hospital (my son is 10, it
could be him in 5-10 years).

Regardless of official laws or regulation, that is simply wrong from any
angle – business, ethics, morals and basic human integrity.

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

The core mission of Bonitis is in fact very simple – provide high
quality and honest CBD products for consumers who want and need it. At
the moment, there is very little concrete evidence of efficacy claims,
which is why the FDA has been issuing all those warning letters. But,
there is enough unofficial evidence to support the hypothesis that CBD
can be a natural alternative to synthetic drugs (which most of the time,
have more side effects than solutions).

I believe in education, I believe in science and I believe in data. As
our business grows, we will be supporting as many educational, research
and clinical initiatives as possible. I just need to grow the brand to
generate revenue to do that – and we will.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

Integrity and honesty are things I am very passionate about. I disagree
that businesses need only be profit driven. Having a business that is
both profitable AND socially responsible is achievable – 100%.”

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